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TECHsan Media is a Highly Rated and Proven Online Marketing Company in Austin, specializing in Website Design and Local SEO. With our main goal being to help Local Businesses Increase Online Brand Exposure and Gain Better Position in Search Results Page Rankings, we hold ourselves to the Highest Standard of providing our Customers with Outstanding Customer Service Experience. With a Passion in Helping Local Businesses Grow, we understand the importance of becoming involved with our Businesses by learning the Different Products and Services Offered, that way we can add a Unique Customized Digital Strategy to separate your Business from Competitors and Express your Brand's message effectively to Local Customers who are searching for you. 

Coming from an Extensive Digital Marketing Background, having worked for the Larger Sized Internet Marketing "GOOGLE PARTNER" Companies, we have been able to put ourselves at an advantage by taking the better practices from these Companies and perfecting them by adding in the missing puzzle pieces that kept them from reaching full potential. Not saying that the larger Digital Marketing Companies are ineffective at what they do, because a lot of them have great technology and man power, which takes out a lot of the work and stress involved in Product Management, redirecting their main focus on selling, selling, selling. Which is why TECHsan Media was created, we did not believe in the method of counting contracts signed monthly. Our clients are not  just a paycheck, we take a comprehensive look into our Customer's Digital Strategy, that way we can locate problem areas we can help improve. For the large amounts of money that these bigger media companies are charging for there online marketing services, I felt Customers should be receiving a better Digital Marketing Experience and a better return for what was being spent. Since the creation TECHsan Media October 2015, we have been true to our Customers, maintaining a 5 Star Rating and recently being Voted as one of the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Austin TX.

We don't use alot of technology to make life easier, just hard work and long hours of research and content implementations on areas we see room for improvement in. That technology can do a great job on cookie cutter internet marketing campaigns with stock photos and similar content website after website, but that will only get a client so far in their Online Marketing Efforts. We actually zone in on our customers goals and study their business and industry to be knowledgeable when writing out content. We love to identify areas to attack and bring in quick results through our research and time spent on your internet marketing campaign. 

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Our Mission as a Online Marketing Company

Our mission is to keep a clear line of communication going with our clients in order to not only offer the type of customer service they deserve, but also pick up some expert knowledge on their given industry. As an online marketing company we have complete knowledge of how to implement things to set a business up for success but we aren't as knowledgeable about your given industry as you are. The key to a happy and prosperous campaign is to open the clear line of communication to understand the qualities of your business that help you stand out from the crowd. Learn about what your goals and desires are to get a better vision on the strategies that need to take place in order to help you achieve maximum potential.

When working with TECHsan Media you will feel in control of what is happening with your online marketing efforts. Your success is our success and your failure is our failure. To put it clear we actually give a damn about helping our clients reach the goals they have set, and being smart businessmen we understand that by doing so it only helps our business grow with referrals and reviews. This is marketing so we can't guarantee results, but what we can guarantee is that we will break our necks to working on your campaign as long as you are a client of TECHsan Media.


Our team is trained both nationally and locally, so we understand your needs and the environment in which you do business. 
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Todd Thornton

Todd is the founder of TECHsan Media LLC and Co-Owner of the business with his brother Chris Thornton.
advertising agency austin

Chris Thornton

Chris is a Co-Owner of TECHsan Media with years of experience working in the online advertising industry
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