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We're a small local SEO Company that drives big results and that is due to the amount of detail and research we put into each client for a true custom approach to internet marketing. We put in countless hours of research when developing an SEO strategy for a client and that is because SEO changes like the Texas weather. When you think you have things conquered a new update or algorithm change will bring you right back to reality. What TECHsan Media does best at when getting our clients to rank quick is identifying areas of opportunity where there are keyword phrases that are relevant to our clients services with low competition. These are opportunities that we love to take advantage of because at the end of the day the more traffic we can get to the site the more potential our client has to generate a lead. The most important thing about having traffic to the site is to see how potential customers react to the web pages and give insight as to what pages aren't getting much time spent on them and what pages are the strong pages to help improve the overall site. We are an SEO company that also handles custom web design which plays a role in organic rankings as well. What makes our SEO really work well is to have the ability to make content updates and to add new engaging content to the site as well as develop powerful graphics to post across the social media pages. In order for SEO to really work well it is important to have organization on the website as well as offsite like directory listings and social media pages. Our goal isn't just to get you ranking but to dominate all areas of your internet marketing efforts and build your brand as well as increase the conversion on your site.
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