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Digital Marketing

We offer a variety of digital marketing solutions like digital ad placements, facebook advertising, twitter ads, PPC ad management, and more.  The web is loaded with potential customers for businesses, and the only question we ask is can they find you when they are looking for the exact services that you offer?
Digital Marketing Solutions

LOGO Design

Logo design is one of the most important things for a business and should not be taken lightly.  Think about the giant companies of today and when you think about them I am sure the image of their logo comes to mind.  It literally is the face of your business and plays an important role when advertising online.
LOGO Design

Custom Web Design

We approach web design with an open mind because with design everyone has a certain flavor they like, but the most important thing about your web design is how your potential customers interact with it.  We generally change our websites based off of how visitors interact with each page so we can better the website.
Custom Website Design

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is now the direction or should be the direction small to medium size businesses lean towards.  With mobile growing at the pace it is, a business must focus on taking advantage of searches happening in their general location because those are the ones most likely to purchase your service.
Local SEO Strategy

I have owned 3 different companies and have gone through my share of SEO service providers. All have made high performance promises, but only one has delivered. Todd and Techsan Media have been outstanding to work with and he understands the importance of making the phone ring. If you're looking for an SEO professional, I highly recommend Todd and his team.

Stacy Shamblin, Owner HooknHaul Dumpsters

Google Review

We started with Techsan Media November of last year and they have been GREAT! They built our website, designed our logo, wrote our content, built our social media, and now we are ranking on the 1st page of google in multiple areas. What I have really appreciated is the communication we have, and we know plumbers spending 2 to 3 times more and not ranking like us.

Ernest Duran, Owner Austin Facility Service

Google Review

After a recent website update, I had to leave a review about how pleased and excited I am to be working with Techsan Media. This company has put in alot of effort on my online presence, and website. We have seen a huge increase in rankings and just in time for the upcoming hunting season. This is the company to work with, if you're wanting more productivity from your website.

Bob Burlingame, Owner Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch

Google Review

Can't say enough great things about Todd and what he has done for my dumpster rental business. We joined with TECHSAN MEDIA on October 2015 and we had lost hope in anything working for us, because of all the internet marketing companies we had worked with and saw no progress. Todd had us page 1 within a few months, I highly recommend them.

Mike Christophe, Owner Austex Dumpsters

Google Review

Local SEO Company Delivering Big Results

We're a small local SEO Company that drives big results and that is due to the amount of detail and research we put into each client for a true custom approach to internet marketing.  We put in countless hours of research when developing an SEO strategy for a client and that is because SEO changes like the Texas weather.  When you think you have things conquered a new update or algorithm change will bring you right back to reality.  What TECHsan Media does best at when getting our clients to rank quick is identifying areas of opportunity where there are keyword phrases that are relevant to our clients services with low competition.  These are opportunities that we love to take advantage of because at the end of the day the more traffic we can get to the site the more potential our client has to generate a lead.  The most important thing about having traffic to the site is to see how potential customers react to the web pages and give insight as to what pages aren't getting much time spent on them and what pages are the strong pages to help improve the overall site.  We are an SEO company that also handles custom web design which plays a role in organic rankings as well.  What makes our SEO really work well is to have the ability to make content updates and to add new engaging content to the site as well as develop powerful graphics to post across the social media pages.  In order for SEO to really work well it is important to have organization on the website as well as offsite like directory listings and social media pages.  Our goal isn't just to get you ranking but to dominate all areas of your internet marketing efforts and build your brand as well as increase the conversion on your site.  
local seo company austin tx

Onsite SEO

Our onsite SEO deals with alot of the front end content and back end coding like microformats and JSON markup which has become a big part of the organic section not just by increasing your rank but also in the structure of your listing.

Offsite SEO

Our offsite SEO deals more with the links and anchor tags created to drive traffic back to your site.  Also to make sure the content and contact information matches up with everything on the website which is big for SEO rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO is where alot of companies are gearing the effort and for a good reason because those that are located nearby are alot more likely to either purchase your service offered or purchase your products.

More Traffic

With out SEO efforts and other marketing and social media ads we may be running you will see a nice increase in website traffic, which helps us to determine which pages are doing what they are suppose to and which ones need work.


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