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TECHsan Media is not just a Digital Marketing Agency but your Digital Marketing Solution.  We bring innovative strategies with focus on helping local businesses achieve BIG visions in this digital age. Our team will help you transform your organization into a digital leader, inside and out. We can't wait to work with you!
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Our website design never stops for our customers as we constantly look for ways to increase traffic and your conversion rate.

SEO is our strong suit, because we put in the time on our client's websites to make sure that we are taking advantage of every opportunity.

With our content creation we simply organize the information given to us by our clients to help them increase rankings & custom images.

With our social media management we will add activity to your social pages and we also design and manage social media ads.

Our logo design is priced on a case by case scenario depending on what the customer is looking for.  We design it until you are satisfied.

We are big on design when it comes to digital ads or print materials such as business cards, flyers, social media pages, ect.  

We are currently offering virtual tours that can be shared on social media pages or on your website this service will evolve quickly.


Analytics are the most important part of what we do, because with our approach its about gathering information given and getting better.

I have owned 3 different companies and have gone through my share of SEO service providers. All have made high performance promises, but only one has delivered. Todd and Techsan Media have been outstanding to work with and he understands the importance of making the phone ring. If you're looking for an SEO professional, I highly recommend Todd and his team.

Stacy Shamblin, Owner
Hook N Haul Dumpsters

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We started with Techsan Media November of last year and they have been GREAT! They built our website, designed our logo, wrote our content, built our social media, and now we are ranking on the 1st page of google in multiple areas. What I have really appreciated is the communication we have, and we know plumbers spending 2 to 3 times more and not ranking like us.

Ernest Duran, Owner
Austin Facility Service

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Can't say enough great things about Todd and what he has done for my dumpster rental business. We joined with TECHSAN MEDIA on October 2015 and we had lost hope in anything working for us, because of all the internet marketing companies we had worked with and saw no progress. Todd had us page 1 within a few months, I highly recommend them.

Mike Christophe, Owner
Austex Dumpsters

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TECHsan Media is a great media company. I have used several media companies and was not satisfied with the end product or service. After signing up with TECHsan Media, I saw a huge difference immediately. My company is doing much better now because of my improved web presence.

Philip Wood, Owner
Wood Custom Homes

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We are a small internet marketing company in Austin TX, that doesn't just cover online advertising but brand building. We achieve this by striving for consistency across all digital platforms to form an identity for a business. We find areas of opportunity for quick success through time consuming research on competitors, search trends, and identifying areas for improvement by taking a deep dive into analytics. To the larger “Google Partner” companies that handle website build it’s all about pleasing you with an aesthetic appeal to get the site launched to make you happy and then move on to the next. We are constantly testing new techniques to improve a better conversion rate, and your website will undergo changes month over month.


Your site should act as an employee for your business. For example, if you have an employee in a store that watches a customer walk in and out without engaging them, then they probably won’t keep that job for much longer. We not only want to help a business succeed by bringing leads but educate them in the importance of the web and to help them understand how beneficial their digital presence can be for their business. We take on clients that allow us to handle all of the online presence from website design, SEO, live chat, social media, to webmaster tools and analytics. When you hire multiple companies to run different areas of your business online then you have multiple companies with different agendas confusing potential customers with different information being delivered across the platforms. Our goal as marketing consultants is to identify areas of opportunity and hit it from every angle and to have a common goal on presence for certain search terms.
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