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austin website design

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Web design is one of the most important if not the most important part of your internet marketing strategy for the simple reason of being the destination spot your potential customers land on when finding you online. When you get a visitor to your site it is because they had a need for a service you offer or for information about services. Either way a visitor to your website shouldn’t be seen as a number you look at in your report but as a customer that walked into your store. Our philosophy is that your website should be held accountable for converting sales or generating leads like a sales person at your place of business would be. The idea here is to organize your site and implement the right tools to have your website funnel a visitor into a lead or have conversion tools available to actually engage the visitor to purchase from your site or fill out a form to inquire about a service you offer.
austin website design

Our Web Design is Tested to Get Better Conversion Rates

Look at web design this way, if a customer walks into your place of business are you going to be dressed in sweat pants looking as if you just got out of bed? The answer is more than likely no, because you understand that when a customer walks into your location they are forming a first impression about your business to see if they feel like your services or products are what they are looking for. A poor first impression can almost certainly mean that the chance of getting this visitor to purchase your product or service is not going to happen. The opportunity for the visitor to become a customer or client is lost before it ever has the chance to begin, all because you didn’t take care of your business appearance online. Now just like you would be dressed nicely or your employees be dressed nicely means that your web design must have a clean and professional look to help with that first impression of your business. When a visitor comes to a nice clean site where information is easily found then you are increasing your chances of either converting a sale or at least generating a lead that could potentially turn into a sale. We are strong believers that well designed websites are fully integrated into the company’s overall operation, and should offer value to the company and to its customers by supplying new services and helpful information.

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Our Website Design Features

austin website design

SEO Built into Site

All of our website design projects come with the beginning key fundamentals of SEO to ensure your site is on the right path.

Built in Analytics

Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible. 

Friendly support

Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly, so you can get on with other things. Need a logo design to go with your new site, then we can handle that too.

Easy to edit

You’ll find it our platform is ideal for quick yet important changes like photo additions to your gallery. We also handle graphic design so all images used in site will be customized to your business.

Austin Web Design Company That Brings Design to Internet Marketing and SEO Strategies

Many business owners feel that just by having a website that the battle is over, which is not the case because of all the factors that make it a challenge to even be found. With that being said, business owners need to search for website designers that are going to generate a clean professional and conversion friendly website that is customized behind your business to display on the qualities you have to offer. At TECHsan Media an initial web design is just one step in the right direction, because the next step is to pay attention to how customers are interacting with the site and if they aren’t then determine why that is. This information is going to be in your site analytics to see how long a visitor is spending on a page and the path they travel before leaving and develop new solutions for your site to try and generate a lead and not just a visit. What we do is implement certain elements into our clients site and test them by comparing them to previous elements to make sure that we are implementing the best information or elements possible for your business website.  

Now for those that aren’t interested in understanding their potential clients and just want to have a website then they can use any of the many web design companies that simply build websites, slap it on the cheapest server available and take their money and disappear. To them, your business website design is a one-off project to help them turn a profit on a one-and-done transaction. This is not our goal at TECHsan Media and it doesn’t fit our business model because that business model is difficult to comprehend and we know them as churn and burn website design. The web is a fluid medium constantly growing. Accordingly, clients require website updates, redesigns, functions built, etc. to better the experience or they will probably not visit the site anymore for a source of information or services. We want to be able to share beneficial information to help you better your business that we form over extensive research and analytical results. We invest a lot of time and effort into our clients sites to build the trust needing to continue a great partnership. The reason a business looks for web designers is because they don’t have the time to learn how to build or to maintain their presence because they are busy enough handling the day to day operations of the business. Plus it is comforting to know that you have a company like TECHsan Media to offer expert advice and opinions that we form over trends in the online industry or through the research and management of your analytic reports.
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