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google virtual tours

Google 360 Virtual Tours for Local Businesses by Trusted Google Photographer

Google has added a new feature to the already extensive Google Maps program. That new feature is a Google Virtual Tour AKA Google Street View Inside. These virtual tours give business owners and organizations around the world the opportunity to show off their storefronts, warehouses, museums, sports arenas, and so much more.
google virtual tours austin

Why get a Google Virtual Tour?

The two main reasons you would want to get a Google Virtual Tour are 1. you want your business to be found more easily on the web and 2. you want to show off your awesome facility. Local search results on Google are a competitive game and when a virtual tour is added to your Google Maps listing, it can sometimes give you the boost you need to outshine your competitors and push them beneath you in the local search results. Also, it has been shown that adding a virtual tour increases customer engagement online and increases the likelihood of them actually visiting your business or organization.

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